What We Do

Dirigo Business Services

  1. Business Diagnostic Analysis and Report
  2. Face To Face Business Coaching
  3. Phone Business Coaching
  4. Group Business Coaching
  5. Marketing Plans
  6. Business Plans
  7. Business Battlefield Workshops

1. Business Diagnostic Analysis and Report

The Business Diagnostic precedes either a Face to Face or Phone coaching program and is usually only completed in conjunction with these programs. It is available as a stand alone product at a higher one off fee. The Dirigo Business Coach conducts a detailed four (4) hour analysis of the business with the business owner using the comprehensive Business Essentials Questionnaire and our Business Manager software. Then all of the information is analysed and consolidated into a detailed Business Diagnostic Report. This process usually takes one (1) week assuming all relevant information is available at the time the coach meets with the business owner.

The diagnostic report provides a summary of key findings, a detailed list of improvement recommendations, and an overview of the coaching sessions planned for the business over the next 12 months including the steps required to achieve both your business and personal goals. Importantly, this includes identifying the current status and the desired outcomes for each of the 7 Profit Drivers within the business.

2. Face to Face Business Coaching

Face to Face Business Coaching is by far the most affective coaching solution as the Dirigo Business Coach comes out to your business and works with you on your challenges within your business environment. This allows the coach to observe the business on an ongoing basis to continue to identify opportunities for improvement during every session. All Dirigo Business Coaching Face to Face business coaching sessions are two hour sessions to allow sufficient time to review progress, teach strategies, and work together on strategy implementation. They can be conducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly over a twelve month period (or a mix of these frequencies).

A coach has the flexibility to tailor a Face to Face business coaching program to suit the client’s needs. This is done by determining an ideal number and frequency of sessions to be provided over the twelve month period based on the needs identified through the initial consultation and the Business Diagnostic process.

For example a business coaching program for a client may commence with two sessions per month for the first six months, dropping back to one session per month for the remaining six months. However the minimum number of 2 hour FTF business coaching sessions that can make up any twelve month coaching program is 12. You also receive Weekly Reporting and Monthly Analysis of your Key Performance Indicators.

3. Phone/ Skype Business Coaching

The One-on-One Phone Business Coaching program consists of four telephone business coaching phone sessions per month, each lasting ½ hour over a twelve month period. It is more suited to the smaller types of businesses or where the business owner really only needs someone to keep them on track on a weekly basis.

The phone business coaching program also includes business tracking using the exclusive Dirigo Business Coaching software program called Business Manager. It is also an ideal coaching program for regional clients who may be too remote to undergo FTF coaching. In this instance the sessions could be extended to continue for one hour, either fortnightly or weekly. You also receive Weekly Reporting and Monthly Analysis of your Key Performance Indicators.

4. Group Business Coaching

We believe that every business owner – no matter what size, deserves the opportunity to benefit from the same high quality, professional advice that an Dirigo Business Coach can deliver. The Mastermind Alliance Program (MAP) gives you this opportunity of interactive business consulting available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Yearly membership will give you

  • A Diagnostic Analysis of the Current Health of Your Business
  • Ability to attend 12 Monthly Group Business Coaching sessions with like minded business owners/ managers. These sessions focus specifically on teaching You many different business improvement strategies that will help improve the performance of your business.
  • The opportunity to ask an experienced Business Coach unlimited questions during the course of the
  • Receive regular newsletters and Special reports that will give you tips on how to improve many facets of
    your business.
  • Regular networking opportunities with like minded business owners and managers.

5. Marketing Plans

In some cases businesses are looking to establish a clear path forward with regards to marketing their business and generating greater interest and enquiries to their business and products/services. The Dirigo Business Marketing Planning Process involves three (3) key phases;

  1. Past and Current Marketing Environment review (What has been done and what results achieved)
  2. Strategic Review/ Development of Marketing Fundamentals and Marketing Opportunities
  3. Delivery and Presentation of a comprehensive 12-18 month Marketing Plan

The areas of marketing review and strategy development include;

  • A Marketing S.W.O.T. analysis
  • Uncovering your Product/ Service/ Business Unique selling Proposition (USP)
  • Determining your Key Target Markets (WHO/ WHAT/ WHEN/ WHERE)
  • Evaluating your Branding Platform for now and into the future
  • Determining the best places, times, and offers for your marketing plan
  • Assisting with content development (eg Direct mail, Adverts, Websites, etc)
  • Establishing a full 12-18 Month Marketing Implementation Plan

Whilst there are many core elements to the plan for most businesses the review and development of the elements above can be tailored to your specific marketing needs.

6. Business Plans

If you are looking to seek additional finance, investors, or government assistance for your business and need to determine a clear strategic direction for growth of the business then ABC Business Coaching can assist with the development of a Strategic Business Plan.

The Dirigo Business Planning Process involves five (5) key phases;

  1. Past and Current Business Environment review (Internal/ External/ Competitors/ International trends/existing Business Goals)
  2. Identifying Potential Platforms for Business Growth (Based on market trends, business opportunities, Sustainable Competitive Advantages of Business)
  3. Research and Quantify the Ideal Platforms for Growth
  4. Complete a full Gap Analysis of Business Growth opportunities (People, Systems, Support, Technology, Knowledge, Investment)
  5. Delivery and Presentation of a comprehensive 2 – 5 Year Strategic Business Plan (including high level implementation plan).

The key areas of focus within the Business Plan include;

  • A Full Business S.W.O.T. analysis
  • Customer Need and Competitive Position Analysis
  • Strategic Business Growth Platform Mapping
  • Business Growth Platform Gap Analysis
  • Establishing a full 2 – 5 Year Strategic Business Plan

Whilst there are many core elements to the plan for most businesses the review and development of the elements above can be tailored to your specific business needs.

7. Business Battlefield Workshops

The Business Battlefield Workshops are a series of eight workshops which focus on a broad range of challenges experienced in many businesses and introduces a range of specific and usable strategies that will improve the performance of most businesses. A summary of each of the eight (8) seminars follows.

  1. Getting Started on Driving Your Business.
  2. Lead Generation – Business Goes Where Business is Invited!
  3. Converting the Sale – From Tyre Kicking to Buying!
  4. Average Customer Investment – Making More Customers Profitable.
  5. Customer Buying Frequency – See You Again Soon.
  6. Retaining Your Customers – Where have you been?
  7. Profit Margin – Taking Control of Your Expenses.
  8. Your People – Harnessing Your Greatest Asset!

This series of workshops are designed for Shopping Centres (for their retailers), Franchise Groups, Business Associations, Local/State Government providing workshops for new businesses, Businesses with multiple outlets, and Businesses with 10+ key staff that would benefit from learning strategies to improve the performance of the business.