If you don’t know what makes you different then how will your customers? Many entrepreneurs waste their time trying to create a business in an area where there are already established products. They seem to think that just by being better, quicker and/or cheaper they can build a sustainable business. […]

How to stand out in a cluttered market?

            If you Repair the Leaks Customers will come! Most business owners believe that the single key to a successful and profitable small business is their ability to generate a substantial number of new leads for their business. “My business would be humming if I […]

7 Reasons Your Business is Leaking Profits right now!

Source: The Age In an effort to assist small businesses not only rise above mediocrity but excel, I am consistently scouring sites to find relevant information. One of my homepage sites is The Age.  A Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) broadsheet that is an institution for me.  This is mainly because I […]

Small Business Start-Up Tips

Here at ABC we like tools and gadgets that can make our lives easier.  Soooo, here’s one from Rich Schefren from Strategic Profits.  It’s an awesome dictonary/ thesaurus tool.   Visuwords.

Visuwords ™ – Cool Tool